Sometimes I’ll remember things with a certain person and my whole stomach hurts and I feel myself getting angry with each passing minute until large amounts of regret pass through me and it takes me a while to calm down and be okay again.

I absolutely love this boy and I know the freckles on his face, where the scar on his hand comes from, what his hair looks like when he gets up from bed, the sound of his voice when he gets very excited over something and how he gets so animated and grits his teeth and I swear to god he makes me happier than anything and it’s weird because I fell in love with him the first time around and this time he fell for me and I’m so fucking happy


My day starts with a plethora of classical music played as I clean my room. But somewhere in between that time I feel myself lose motivation as my anxiety spirals out of control and I’m forced to stop. So I sit there, until it passes.